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Products and services for you

Our credit cards offer you flexibility and convenience for both smaller everyday items and larger special occasions. You may be a student, new parent, home-owner or a frequent traveller. Whatever your circumstances, we're likely to have a card that's right for you.

Depending on which Barclaycard you apply for, you could get features such as:

  • Our 100% fraud guarantee, as long as you've been careful with your card and security details
  • Sophisticated security features for your peace of mind
  • Credit cards that are accepted and trusted internationally
  • Emergency replacement cards and cash advances if your Barclaycard goes missing while you're abroad
  • Worldwide assistance if you fall into difficulties on your travels
  • Easy account management, thanks to simple online banking services such as mybarclaycard
  • Advice and features to protect you from identity fraud
  • Free SMS alerts to remind you when your monthly bill is due

Terms and conditions apply to all Barclaycard benefits.

Our products lead the world of simple payments

Using the latest technology, we've developed exciting new ways to make payments more convenient for our customers. Contactless payments, for instance, are a quick and easy way to pay for inexpensive everyday items without the need for small change. To pay, you just hold your contactless credit card close to a contactless reader.

Our products fit into your life

Whatever your lifestyle, our credit cards have the flexibility to meet your specific needs. Just choose what works best for you from our wide range of payment solutions.

Get something back with our partner cards

We've partnered with trusted brands around the world such as Hilton Hotels and Priority Club to offer a selection of partner credit cards.

By spending as you normally would every day, you could get rewards such as air miles, discounts on hotel stays or high street vouchers, depending on the partner cards we offer near you.

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