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Leading the contactless revolution

Paying with contactless is here

This little symbol means you can make fast and secure payments in seconds. Tap your Barclaycard, your PayTag or contactless mobile on a payment reader at thousands of retailers across the UK and you've paid, just like that! You don't need to fumble with cash, or enter a PIN and what's more it's ready to use today.

How businesses can take part

If you're a retailer, we offer contactless terminals that you can buy or hire, increasing your appeal to contactless cardholders who aren't limited by the change in their pockets.

They are a fast, secure way to process payments with no security information needed, although your PIN may occasionally be asked for.

Our vision of a contactless future

  • Over 8 million Barclays and Barclaycard customers have contactless cards already.
  • We already have more than 25,000 terminals accepting contactless payments in outlets across the UK.
  • Other payment service providers are following our lead, introducing their brand of contactless cards.
  • Contactless technology could mark the beginning of the end for plastic cards, which were a revolutionary method of payment less than fifty years ago.