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Working with our planet in mind

We're constantly working to achieve maximum energy efficiency while reducing our impact on the environment. This involves reviewing how we run our offices and our business, in our quest to reduce our carbon footprint.

We're keeping our employees involved

We often inform our staff of simple and effective ways to reduce the threat of climate change. To do this, we offer online training to all employees who are involved in our environmental initiatives.

Recently, Barclays produced 'The Rough Guide to Saving Energy and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint' for employees in the Barclays Group. It was packed with ideas to help staff realise what simple steps they could take to preserve our planet.

Making a difference, without leaving the office

Promoting a cleaner, greener and more carbon efficient office environment is a priority of ours. So we're reducing water and air pollution, green house gases and waste, starting with our premises. In our United States offices for instance, we:

  • Use recycled paper for all printing
  • Only stock recycled paper cups, rather than Styrofoam
  • Make sure ballasts and light bulbs are serviced by a certified recycler
  • Provide facilities for staff to recycle general waste, mobile phones, household batteries, electronic waste, toner and plastic, aluminium and glass packaging
  • Use plant-filled rooftop gardens that filter pollutants and carbon dioxide, keep buildings cooler and reduce the rainwater run-off.