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Our green business practices

In addition to working with our staff to help our offices become more environmentally friendly, we often set targets for the business as a whole.

First Europe, then the world

Since we started offsetting carbon emissions in 2006, we've expanded the practice from the UK, to involve other offices in Europe. We were pleased to become carbon neutral across Europe in 2007. Our next target, which is to do the same on a global scale, is on track to be achieved in 2009.

Renewable energy goals

As of 2008, all the energy we use in the United Kingdom is taken from renewable sources. We're now committed to encouraging the energy market to do the same.

Getting other companies on board

We're working with several of our suppliers to develop products and solutions that help them reduce their carbon emissions.

Keeping track of our impact on the environment

Our Environmental Management System (EMS), which was certified as meeting ISO 14001 standards in 2004, monitors and controls our company-wide carbon emissions. Our aim is to meet the EMS guidelines at 100% across the globe.

What we're working on

  • Refurbishing Barclaycard premises to meet our low-carbon property design standards
  • Continuing to invest in our rainwater harvesting project
  • Reporting to the global Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) which distributes carbon data so that private and public sector businesses can monitor and reduce their carbon emissions
  • Setting new targets for our business that can be implemented on a global scale
  • The entire Barclays Group is aiming to become carbon neutral in 2009.